I want to make sure I'm fully prepared for your big day so please can you ensure I have all the information needed at least one week before. Of course if anything changes after sending please just let me know.
ADDRESSES - Please list addresses including postcodes and room numbers if possible for all prep, ceremony and reception locations. Any info regarding parking is also useful.
GROUP PHOTOS - If you are having group photos please add your list here or send this with your timeline in a separate email or document if you prefer. I recommend up to ten groups but feel free to add more if there is plenty of time in your schedule. Each group can take 3-5 minutes or more to gather and arrange. Unless the wedding is very small there should be somebody from the wedding party available to help gather people on the list. If nobody is free to help or time is running out you may need to prioritise and shorten the list. You can always ask to set aside time later to finish the groups.
FOOD (full day weddings only) - If a suppliers meal or other food is included this should be provided for us whilst you are eating. If food is not included we may need to go offsite for 45-60 minutes depending on location and we will do this whilst you eat.
LATE FEES - If things are running late I can stay for up to 30 minutes (full day weddings) after the contracted time after which there is an additional fee of £175 per hour to be paid after your wedding if I am able to stay. Please choose one option - automatically add extra time / automatically finish as scheduled / interrupt and ask on the day. Please leave blank if you have an unlimited hours package.
Thank you! Hopefully I have all the info I need to write your contract and I aim to get that sent in the next 1-2 days. Look out for an email from Signable and please let me know if there are any problems. Many thanks, Lisa
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